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Band in Seattle: Kingdom Crumbs

Every Saturday night at 11p on CW11 the brand new television show Band in Seattle showcases up and coming local bands that you want to know about. There are almost a dozen episodes in the can and previously aired shows are available on-line. Check some episodes here.

Band in Seattle is a performance/interview show but what makes it different from your run of the mill music show is executive producer Conrad Denke's approach to the interview.

"We're trying to give bands a showcase that's much more than them just handing you their CD...we go out in the field and we interview each band member...where they work, where they live...if a guy's a chef we go to that restaurant if we can...and they come across as real's an enormous amount of work...but the reward is huge," says Conrad Denke.

Seattle hip hop group Kingdom Crumbs is the featured band this week and below you'll find a description of the group from the Band in Seattle website:

"Comprised of hometown favorites Helladope (Tay Sean and Jerm) with the added expertise of Cloud Nice family members Jarv Dee and Mikey Nice, Kingdom Crumbs stretches the boundaries of an already heavily experimental genre to create an experience sure to shatter a few stereotypes about hip-hop music."

Learn more about Kingdom Crumbs here and Band In Seattle here.

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Sean DeTore is the Associate Producer of KIRO Radio's The Ron and Don Show (weekdays 3-7). He's been with the guys for over 7 years.


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