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What $275M to solve Seattle’s homelessness will buy us

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is going to ask taxpayers for $275 million to help fix the homeless crisis in his city. Because the previous $55 million (and more) was not enough.

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I have a sneaky suspicion a lot of that money will go to things like administration and useless personnel. For example, this position the City of Seattle is hiring for (thanks to a listener of the show for bringing it to my attention).

Homeless Encampment Trash/Litter Abatement Pilot Program Administrator (P&D Spec, Sr)

What does a Homeless Encampment Trash/Litter Abatement Pilot Program Administrator do, you ask?

According to the listing:

Provide program administration, contract administration, program coordination with service providers, data gathering and analysis, customer and stakeholder outreach, and the coordination of pilot program tasks and services with response teams, internal and external work groups, other agencies, City departments, community groups, contractors, non-profits, and other internal and external stakeholders.

This position is budgeted for up to two years and pays $40.16 – $46.80 hourly. Perks: Fringe benefits including medical, dental and vision, vacation, sick leave and holidays.

And if that doesn’t interest you college graduates, there’s the Homeless Encampment Field Operations Advisor, which pays $37.04 – $42.00 hourly.

Expect more of this if Murray’s levy passes.

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