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The Republican civil war over your health care

We all know the Democrats aren’t going to vote for the current Obamacare repeal bill. The surprise is how angry Republicans are about it.

This is especially true for Sen. Rand Paul, who says the Republican plan is just sucking up to the insurance industry.

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Paul says, “Right now, if each of you wants to go and buy insurance and you’re in a small business, when you get to the insurance company, what’s the first thing they tell you to do? ‘Kiss my boots!'”

Needless to say, his lips will never touch a corporate boot. So he stood before a FreedomWorks rally on Capitol Hill and said that ANY organization should be free to form its own health care association so Americans can go toe to toe with even the biggest insurance companies. What kinds of organizations?

“What if we let you buy your insurance through the NRA?” he asked. “What if you had the head of the NRA call up the insurance company? Do you know what’s going to happen?”

Now, I know some of you are skeptical, but you gotta admit that head of the NRA negotiating your health insurance would be a doozy. You would have no deductibles, no co-pays, pre-existing conditions welcome, and you would get a free survival knife with every heart bypass.

And if you decide to skip a premium? What’re they gonna do about it?

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