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The left has waged a war on standards

Todd Herman says that he will never violate the constitution. (Stefanie Seskin, Flickr)

The War on Standards exists everywhere within the left. It’s even seeping into things like definitions.

Insurance now means “shared medical costs.” That’s a war on the standards of a meaning. And there’s a war on standards around President Trump’s executive order, referred to as a travel ban.

The War on Standards is pervasive, it’s purposeful and it serves the needs of some people.

Herman: The ratio of paper pushers to doctors is 16 to 1

In New York City, there used to be a test for teachers. It was an academic literacy test. Now it’s been scrapped — because people weren’t passing the test. How do you teach something that you don’t know yourself?

Should we not have standards for airline pilots or police officers any more either?

Remember when Obama went across the country saying that Obamacare was going to cut everyone’s premiums? And Congress never even used the word “tax” in the entire bill because they knew if they used that word, it wouldn’t pass. They even admit they lied after the fact.

The new standard is, when a politician makes a promise on the campaign trail, we’re going to base laws on what they don’t say. That’s a war on standards as well.

I have a romantic attachment to judges who judge the words within the laws; judges who read the Constitution and judge the words on the parchment. But I was born in the age of ignorance before judges got creative.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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