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Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff
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Olympia makes Sound Transit CEO blink

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff. (Joe A. Kunzler)

I want to give thanks to State Representative Mark Harmsworth and the other people in the House and Senate who have gotten Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff — so called CEO — to testify.

Sound Transit is 100 percent about trains in Seattle. They don’t care about the outlining areas. To them, you are just “bill payers.”

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Rogoff had to go down to Olympia recently. Rep. Harmsworth asked the Sound Transit CEO about whom he had fiduciary duty to: the taxpayers or the bond holders? And Rogoff was stunned by the question. He couldn’t believe that he had to go on the record under oath explaining to who he owed his fiduciary responsibility.

Sound Transit lied during the campaign about how they were going to value cars for car tabs. Now, people are shocked at the spike in fees. Sound Transit is based on a series of lies.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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