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April 2017 Charity of the Month: WACAP

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) has been named Bonneville Seattle’s Charity of the Month for April, for being a champion for children, finding and preparing adoptive families, and offering lifelong support after adoption.

WACAP began as a local support group for parents who had adopted internationally, but has expanded tremendously since then. In the 90s, they pioneered the first U.S. adoptions from China, Far East Russia, and Romania, and have since launched additional programs in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Since 1976, WACAP has placed more than 10,000 children in loving adoptive families across the United States, and provided humanitarian aid to over 200,000 children worldwide. WACAP is so successful because of generous contributions by the community, both financially and in volunteer hours. For more information about WACAP and how to help, visit

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