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Support for gay marriage, pot, new schools

If the latest poll is an indication of what voters will do one month from today, the initiatives in support of same-sex marriage, charter schools, marijuana and a super majority for raising taxes will all pass.

According to a new KING 5 TV, Survey USA poll, 55 percent of the state residents polled support Referendum 74. A yes vote on that measure will affirm the same-sex marriage law passed early this year by the legislature. About 40 percent oppose the law.

Medical MarijuanaIn their latest debate, both candidates for governor, Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna said they do not support I-502, the marijuana legalization effort.

They say the law is poorly written and it conflicts with federal legislation. Even so, 57 percent of voters are in favor of it. About 10 percent are undecided, with 33 percent saying they’ll vote against it.

The Tim Eyman-backed initiative that would make it more difficult to raise taxes has 56 percent support, with 26 percent opposed and 17 percent undecided. Initiative 1185 would strengthen existing law that requires super majority votes in the legislature to enact any tax increases, and majority votes for any fee increases.

The other statewide initiative before voters is a proposal to allow charter schools in Washington. Defeated three times before, this initiative has support from 49 percent of the voters. About 30 percent are against it, with the largest number of undecided voters for any initiative – 21 percent. Initiative 1240 would authorize the creation of up to 40 public charter schools across the state.


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