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Fifty Shades too much? Now the magazine

There’s popular, and then there’s too much.

The erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” has captured the imaginations of millions of readers. The first three books in the series have been on The New York Times bestseller list for 25 weeks. They’ve sold more than 25 million copies, generating $145 million in revenue for the publisher, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Author E.L. James is writing a fourth book, a Hollywood movie is in the works, and now, Barnes & Nobel is selling a magazine based on the books. It’s called: Fifty Shades of American Women who Love the Book and Live the Life.

50ShadesMagazineThe cover features a poll that proclaims “93 percent of women want to spice up their relationships with role play.”

The magazine has reviewed “20 books even steamier than Shades.”

It has 80 pages of advice to help women “release your inner goddess.”

While most women’s magazines are loaded with advertising pages, Fifty Shades is slim with only 82 total pages and only a handful of ads.

Fewer ads should be appealing because that means more content. The articles are a bit sketchy with most of the stories using pseudonyms or incomplete names.

The masthead of the magazine lists Bob Lee and Tony Romando as founders. Seven other men are included as editors of some sort, but none of them put their names to this description of the magazine.

“Fifty Shades of Grey is much more than a book. It’s a movement. From online-only sensation to global phenomenon, it has kick-started a sexual revolution and its’ the catalyst for a national conversation about lust, love, erotic fiction and the give-and-take that occurs in any successful relationship. It’s also hot as hell. Fifty Shades is a dominant force in the culture, and like you, we’re more than happy to submit to it.”

What follows on the glossy pages are rules for being a flirt and sexting and a fitness article on how to have “Buns of (Anastasia) Steele.”

All women’s magazines need to have a recipe section. This magazine includes cocktails inspired by the novel, and suggestions of how to “eat like a sex goddess.” Who knew asparagus is an aphrodisiac?

Fifty women from around the country are also profiled telling their “real” stories of why they connect with the book and how it’s changed their lives. There are also tips for 50 ways to release your inner goddess. Here are five of their hints:

  1. Take a spin class – On a lean, mean biking machine you can burn 800 calories in only 45 minutes. They point out it’s a great way to “build up your (ahem) stamina.”
  2. Straighten up – Individuals with good posture are more confident and positive-minded than others.
  3. Seek sunshine – The sun’s rays benefit the sleep cycle and our moods. The book was set in usually cloudy Seattle, in case you missed that.
  4. Hit happy hour – It’s an excellent way to show the boss you’re a team player, and will help you manage your reputation at work, so “bottom’s up” they say.
  5. Get comfortable with yourself – Strip down in front of a mirror and repeat to yourself “I am unique and beautiful.”

I just saved you $6.99


Photo, cover of the Fifty Shades magazine published by Topix Media Lab

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