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Top 10 same-sex marriage arguments

wa4marriage An estimated 250,000 people
enjoyed Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade (photos), while others debated
an upcoming vote on marriage-equality in Washington state.

Seattle resident Beau Chevassus has been considering
what he calls the most common, or top 10, arguments
regarding same-sex marriage.

For his analysis, Chevassus disregarded Bible-based
reasons to oppose same-sex marriage, because “while our
culture is deeply rooted in Christian principles” not
everyone agrees with those principals.

In the video below he breaks down, negates, and
illustrates the gay marriage arguments.

If you don’t have don’t have time for the video, here
are his basic points:

1. I’m for gay marriage because I know gay people and
they’re nice. Just because we’re friends with a nice
person, doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they
do, he says. Politicians who are forcing us to change
marriage are making everyone out to be monsters if you
don’t agree 100 percent with your friends.

2. Gay people are attracted to each other. We can’t
change that and should embrace it. Politicians are forcing
us to change marriage because of a sexual desire, he

3. Gay marriage is about love. Marriage doesn’t have
anything to do with love, he says. Marriage isn’t based on
love, which is emotional and subjective. Love is not a
legally-binding reason to completely change a basic

4. Gay marriage is about commitment. For any marriage
to work, both people need to be selfless and committed.
Commitment is not the only reason to get married, he says
as he offers the example of marrying your mother because
she is as committed to you as anyone. Politicians are
trying to change marriage because two people have been
committed roommates for a long time.

5. Denying gay marriage is equated to the days when
people of different races were not allowed to be married.
Politicians are equating a sexual preference with being
black, he says, but being gay is a strong choice, and not
the same as being born a particular race.

6. Gay people want the same legal rights as others.
Washington has the “everything but marriage law” which
grants people in our state the same rights as married
couples, he says. Politicians are trying to scare people
into thinking gay partners are being denied civil rights.

7. Gay parents are just as good as heterosexual
parents. When children are brought into the debate, people
get very emotional. We need to be very careful if we’re
changing entire institutions based on emotions, he

8. Marriage is just a label. Politicians are hijacking
the label of marriage as a way to force everyone to
endorse a lifestyle. (Bondage, yes, he goes there with an
analogy around 8 minutes into the video which talks about
redefining a basic word).

9. Just let them have marriage, it’s not like
heterosexual couples are doing so well with it considering
divorce rates. Politicians will do anything to win this
label of “marriage” even if it means undermining the
institution, he says.

10. Let’s just agree to disagree. This is always the
last response you will hear, he says. While people are
coming across as open minded, they’re really saying
“you’re right” but I don’t want to admit how illogical gay
marriage arguments are.

Your concurrence or rebuttal on any of these arguments?



Photo from Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade in Seattle, by
Washington United for Marriage

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