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Rantz: The latest lazy, union propaganda attacking businesses

(AP file photo)

The labor union front group Working Washington is asking its followers to sign on to a preposterous petition to stop restaurants from alerting the public that the union has caused prices to increase.

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On their blog, SEIU-backed Working Washington claims they’ve “heard a lot of complaints” about some Washington businesses added “living wage” surcharges between 1 percent and 5 percent. Ironically, they complain that it “seems to be an attempt to send a political message about their opposition to raising the wage.” They argue that “[p]aying employees is a cost of doing business — the minimum wage is not an extra.” (I assume they mean is not an extra cost?)

Now, they want you to sign on to a lazy petition that tells businesses of Washington State to remove the surcharges (while giving Working Washington your personal contact info for them to SPAM you).

This is nothing more than an attempt by the labor unions to hide the impacts of their activism. They know that their work has increased the cost of doing business in Washington and they know that it’s bad PR to be seen as directly responsible. Consequently, they want to kill any reminder to the public that they’re responsible. For a group so proud of their work, they seem particularly sensitive when they get attention for the consequences of their activism.

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