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Here’s how well the City of Seattle follows its own commuting advice

About 71.9 percent of the City of Seattle's employees do not drive alone into work. (Seattle Department of Transportation)

The City of Seattle often discourages businesses and workers from driving alone into downtown, especially during peak commute times. But does Seattle walk the walk, ride the bus, or take a bike?

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According to recently released data from the Seattle Department of Transportation, 71.9 percent of the city’s approximate 7,000 downtown employees are commuting to work without a personal car. SDOT notes that about 5,500 of those employees arrive during peak commuting hours — between 6-9 a.m. As MyNorthwest previously pointed out, this wasn’t enough to beat out the city’s downtown commuting competition — this year, the city got bronze status for its employees’ good commuting habits. So there is room for improvement.

The majority of commuters are hopping a bus downtown — 60.7 percent. There are also those who walk, bike, etc.

• Walk-on ferry: 3.1 percent
• Walk: 2.7 percent
• Bike: 3.2 percent

As for personal cars, about 15.3 percent drive to work alone. Others either carpool or ride a motorcycle.

• Carpool: 10.1 percent
• Motorcycle: 1.2 percent
• Drive on ferry: .4 percent

Approximately 1.2 percent of the city’s employees telecommute.

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