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FDR had a war against the press as well

President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaks on a national radio program from the White House, opening the Fifth War Loan drive, June 12, 1944, declaring that "we can force the Japanese to unconditional surrender or to national suicide much more rapidly than has been thought possible (AP Photo/Eugene Abbott)

Donald Trump has been at war with the press, but he’s not the only American president to have such a battle. Putin and many strong men and women have stood up against the press before, too.

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In relation to President Trump, news organizations like the Washington Post have said that democracy dies in darkness. But I don’t remember the press pointing their fingers at Obama for going against the media.

But you know who was very effective in going to war against the media? FDR! Roosevelt got broadcasters to admit that they were changing their coverage because of him.

Why do I mention this? To give perspective and context.

Roosevelt eventually hated the press during his time in office. He would talk about poisonous propaganda. He determined that 85 percent of the newspapers were against him. says that it was far less than 85 percent of the media — they say it was more 50/50.

FDR even teamed up with the “Black Commission.” It was used to intimidating the media and threatening to use journalist’s private messages against them.

Trump has said some disturbing things against the media, but can we take a breath and look back at history. This is a good reset. The media survived FDR and it will survive Trump as well.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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