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Mayor Murray acknowledges connection to accuser

Jeff Simpson has accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexual abuse while he was a minor in the 1980s. (KIRO 7, AP)

As allegations of sexual abuse continue to surround Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, he admitted Tuesday that he does have a connection with one of his accusers.

“I was his legal guardian for just under two years,” Murray told KIRO 7 Tuesday, referring to Jeff Simpson.

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Simpson is one of two Portland men who have accused the Seattle mayor of sexual abuse while they were minors in the 1980s. Recently, a third man has made similar accusations in a lawsuit — a Kent man referred to as D.H. in court documents. The mayor has denied the allegations.

Recently, KIRO 7 obtained documents from the State of Oregon that confirms Simpson was under the foster care of Ed Murray in 1982 at a Portland address.

“DHS gave him custody of me, and to become my foster father,” Simpson told KIRO 7. “But the abuse started at age 13; he raped me for the first time at age 13. When I was living with him, it would be almost every night.”

Simpson has previously detailed how the abuse began after he met Murray while living at an orphanage. Murray was a volunteer at the time. According to Simpson, the two developed a relationship and Simpson often went to his apartment for dinners and movies.

Now, however, Simpson is speaking out about the alleged abuse. He stresses that he is not asking for anything other than for the mayor to admit what he did.

“I need closure,” Simpson said. “Your victims need closure so they can heal.”

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