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Lawyer to Mayor Murray: ‘You’re not that important, sir’

The lawyer for Delvonn Heckard, the man suing Seattle Mayor Ed Murray for molestation and rape, has heard the mayor’s public comments about his client. And he has a message for Murray.

“Ed Murray, I hope you’re listening to this, you’re not that important, sir,” Lincoln Beauregard told KIRO Radio’s Jason and Burns. “Nobody here would put their career and integrity on the line for something that isn’t true — period. Let alone to take you down, because you haven’t done that much, sir. Nobody cares about you, if you are listening, nobody.”

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Delvonn Heckard was previously known as D.H. in court documents. He went public with his name Wednesday, prompting Murray to make a statement.

“I can state categorically that I have never had a sexual relationship with the individual whose name was revealed today, Delvonn Heckard … Heckard’s claims about my anatomy were proved medically false last week. The accusations are untrue,” Murray said Wednesday. “I just learned this morning Heckard’s name, and can say that his name is not a name familiar to me.”

Beauregard said that his client was inspired to go public because two other alleged victims also provided their names to the media. He was also inspired because of the “charade” that Murray is putting on, Beauregard said, saying that he doesn’t know the name of Delvonn Heckard. But the alleged “charade” can only last so long and Beauregard asserts that his client’s allegations will be proven true — that Murray paid him for sexual acts while he was a minor. The incidents allegedly occurred while Heckard was addicted to drugs in the 1980s.

Beauregard argues that he has proof of the allegations — from his client’s ability to describe Murray’s apartment and phone number at the time.

“And I have the proof of multiple victims saying the exact same thing about the pattern and the practice on the part of this sex predator,” Beauregard said. “Beyond that I have my client’s word. And when he comes public and does a television interview, the world is going to see that he is just as credible, if not strikingly credible to people in the way Mr. Simpson is.”

Jeff Simpson has accused Murray of similar accounts of molestation and rape when he was a minor.

Delvonn Heckard and conspiracies

There is also the matter of Murray’s private parts, which Delvonn Heckard claims to be able to accurately describe. There was a mark on Murray’s privates that Heckard details in the lawsuit. But Murray has since gone to a doctor to prove that the mark is not there. Beauregard told KIRO Radio that doesn’t change the case. He argues that two men have described similar details about Murray.

“Robert Sulkin (Murray’s attorney) is a reputable lawyer,” Beauregard said. “He knows that having your client run up to the doctor before you find out your accuser’s name and inspect your private parts, that’s not the actions of an innocent man.”

Murray has publicly said that the allegations against him are politically motivated, and that Beauregard’s law firm has a partner who has donated to anti-LGBTQ causes — specifically, the Just Want Privacy campaign which aims to prevent transgender individuals from using bathrooms that align with their identity. On Wednesday, Murray expanded on these arguments.

I’m not going to create a conspiracy here, but every time I have brought a significant bill forward, the domestic partnership bill in ’08 … and the marriage equality bill in 2012, and having just sued the president of the United States and running for reelection, these things come up. They didn’t come up the other 30 years (of my career). They come up at a time, it seems, when certain things happen that are highly partisan and highly political.

Beauregard confirmed that his partner has a connection with the Just Want Privacy campaign, but argues it has nothing to do with the case.

“There’s no correlation with us filing this lawsuit and my partner’s position on that one discreet issue … if there was a connection, which there’s not, it would not mean that the three men accusing the mayor are not telling the truth,” Beauregard said. “So what kind of defense is that? Go tell the media, Mr. Mayor, that all of a sudden it’s a conspiracy and the inference being that there are three people lying about him molesting them with the same pattern, and a couple reputable attorneys who have everything to lose are going to make it up.”

Beyond that, however, Beauregard admits there is a political motivation to the lawsuit, though, not exactly as Murray has claimed.

“It’s 100 percent politically motivated; that is a true statement,” Beauregard said. “It’s politically motivated in that one of Delvonn Heckard’s primary motivations for coming forward is that he wants the public to be able to evaluate whether or not a man in Ed Murray’s position, who has done what he’s done, should be in that position … second to that, he wants to win the lawsuit.”

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