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Michael Medved


The Trump derangement syndrome in America

Donald Trump. (AP)

The key words are: Trump, meddling, hacking, Russia. People want to know how many countries were involved in swaying this past election.

Now, I do want to see Donald Trump’s past tax returns and see if he owes Russia anything.

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But look at this the other way. The Guardian counted the number of countries that were sending information to the Obama White House claiming that there was a connection between Trump and Russia. The countries that were sending Obama information were Germany, Estonia, Poland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and perhaps the Dutch and the French!

All of these countries sending information to the Obama White House with the goal of keeping Trump from being elected. How is this not meddling in an election? Is it OK just because it was legal?

The mainstream media hasn’t even bothered to ask why there wasn’t a direct connection between Trump and Russia — a kill shot. It seems like it was fruitless meddling.

Even liberals are noticing the Trump derangement syndrome: people unable to see anything good that Trump does. And unfortunately this Trump derangement is going to continue. Because the media hasn’t realized that Americans have caught on to the fact that the media is twisting the coverage of Trump.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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