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AG Ferguson: Making TIME Magazine’s list is ‘obviously a surprise’

Three big Washington state names have landed on TIME Magazine’s annual 100 Most Influential people list.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson made the list for the first time in the “pioneers” section.

TIME uses former 100 list alum to write entries for the new class. Melinda Gates and Jeff Bezos are also on the list.

Star Trek legend and gay rights activist George Takei wrote Ferguson’s entry. He says he first noticed the attorney general when he spoke up for a gay couple who were refused floral service for their wedding.

But Takei says Ferguson really got his attention when he took President Trump to court over his initial travel ban and won.

TIMELINE: President Trump’s travel ban

Ferguson says the honor came as a big surprise but is something his entire team should be proud of for the hard work and long hours they’ve put in.

“It’s obviously a surprise,” he said. “Any of my six siblings will tell you I’m not even the most influential person in my family, let alone the world. So it’s a surprise for all of us.”

Ferguson says he’s “not sure anyone deserves to be on the list.

“It’s such a big thing to say that you’re that influential,” he added.

If he does truly deserve to be on the list, however, he says his entire team deserves to be recognized.

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