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Mark Levin


Democrats repeat the same bad mistakes

Amid all the evaluations of the first 100 days of President Trump, what about considering the first 100 days of Democrats as the party of opposition?

So far, they’ve shown a destructive tendency to repeat the same mistakes that cost them the election in November.

First, they focus exclusively on attacking the president while counting on scandals to destroy their opponents. Most Americans know what Democrats are against, but they’ve received no clear message about what they’re for.

Second, they continue to rely on identity politics: trying to rally minorities, women, and the gay community with a sense of victimhood, while demonizing white males.

But identity politics doesn’t work. In November, Trump received slightly more votes than Mitt Romney among black and Latino communities, while Hillary Clinton failed among white women — losing that group to Trump by nine points.

The practice of running strictly negative campaigns and dividing voters into warring demographic groups will lead Democrats to more defeats in the years ahead.

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