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This is what a mid-life crisis sounds like

Potato, potato, potato, potato. The unmistakable sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine idling, with a bold, hairy, tatooed tough guy riding it. That’s our image of a Harley rider, and the company is trying to change that stereotype.


Screen grab from the Harley-Davidson commercial below

Harley Motor Company has a clever campaign, working through Twitter, to prove that its customers don’t fit a profile. A Washington state guy gets the credit for the campaign. Harley used social media to gather ideas for their next advertising effort. Harold Chase suggested playing up the camaraderie among Harley riders despite their diverse backgrounds. He used the Latin phrase from the Seal of the United States: “E pluribus unum,” meaning “Out of many, one.”

The video below shows Harley riders with their Twitter handles and a few words describing what they do. Among the riders: A biker chick with wild hair who is an honor student; a gourmet chef;a third grade teacher; an Army intelligence specialist; a soccer mom; and a robotics engineer.

How about adding a 97.3 KIRO FM morning news anchor to the list?

I posted the possibility on Facebook late yesterday, wondering outloud/online if I’m having a mid-life crisis for wanting a 1997 Harley Fat Boy. Through 160 “likes” and comments, my friends are encouraging me to go for it.

“Get it Linda, riding is so much fun,” says Lance Norton. “People talk themselves into the fallacy that they are living a safe life with the smallest risk they can get away with. Then one day they find themselves in a nursing home and it made no difference that they lived as safe as possible. Just take the motorcycle safety course buy some great safety gear and get out there and ride.”

Although, I might want to consider a different type of Harley.


’97 Harley Fat Boy. Nice.

Christina Hyun says the Fat Boy I want is “a really heavy bike to pick up if you tip it.” I hadn’t thought about that. I’m in the early stages of my mid-life crisis. She yas a Vulcan 500 which is “plenty big and a good bike to start with.”

“I think we had better get you into something a little more custom. Fat Boys look awesome but are tough to ride. Perhaps a Fatster,” says John Barrett. “Nothing like a Harley even if half of it is mistique.”


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