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Seattle’s bikini baristas vs bikini barbers

Of the many quirky things to come from the Seattle area, we’re known for starting the bikini baristas trend. Could bikini barbers catch on here too?

One of the first drive through coffee stands with women wearing bikinis or lingerie started in 2003 at Cowgirls Espresso in Tukwila. Originally the girls wore bikinis one day of the week for a special promotion. Sales took off, and after that more espresso stand owners had their baristas take off as much as possible.


Photo by Stephanie Klein,

The bikini barista idea has found its way to Oregon, Colorado, Texas and Florida. Meanwhile, the east coast is home to several bikini barber shops.


Jeff Wulkan, owner and founder of Bikini Barbers stars in a new reality show about his full service salon. Full styling services, that is.

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