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New Miss Seattle was ‘annoyed’ with us

Nineteen beautiful, young women competed for the title of Miss Seattle over the weekend. The winner is Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn, a violinist and former Miss Phoenix.

She will compete in the Miss Washington Pageant this summer. Maybe by then she’ll enjoy the weather because she wasn’t happy with the city, or Seattle residents, in December.

She tweeted, “Ugh can’t stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people.”


On her Twitter feed @MissPhoenix 2010, she frequently uses the word “annoyed,” so perhaps it’s just her favorite word. There are other unflattering comments on her page too. She should reconsider the way she’s uses social media if she wants to be a public figure. The tweets above were from December of 2011. A friend of hers tells me she had not decided to enter the Miss Seattle Scholarship competition at that time.


Miss Seattle apologizes for the tweets, in a comment on this blog.

“I apologize for the negative connotations towards the city of Seattle and its people or any other postings when I wasn’t in a positive place. Those tweets by no means reflect my actual opinions or views, I was simply having “one of those days” and sincerely apologize to anyone who took those statements offensively,” says Ahn.

She is a Seattle native, and says she truly loves Seattle “with all of my heart and the support these past months in the Seattle community has just been indescribable.”

“I realize now what a mistake it is to post things when your not in a good mood,” she writes.

She deleted several unflattering tweets and renamed her account last night to reflect her new title, @MissSeattle2012.



Photo by Dave Barksdale, of Depoe Barksdale Studios

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