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Threatened Sound Transit project safe for a few months

Construction on the Northgate light rail station began earlier this year. (Chris Sullivan/ KIRO Radio)

More than half a dozen Puget Sound transit projects that had their funding threatened by President Donald Trump’s proposed budget will likely be safe through September.

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The President’s plan would cut funding for as many as seven Washington transit lines, including the light rail extension from Northgate to Lynnwood.

Sound Transit is counting on $1.2 billion in federal grant money for that project. Though that money is still in jeopardy, The Seattle Times reports the project will continue to receive the expected money this year under a bipartisan deal to fund the federal government through the end of September.

Lawmakers have not voted on the deal yet, but have agreed to it.

Construction on the Northgate station began earlier this year.

The Northgate light rail extension was funded under Sound Transit 2 and is expected to get light rail to Lynnwood by 2023. The track will head out of the Northgate station along Fifth Avenue, hugging the east side of I-5 all the way to 185th in Shoreline. The tracks will stay along I-5 until it reaches the transit center just over the King/Snohomish County line. It will then cross I-5 in Mountlake Terrace before making it to the Lynnwood Transit Center at 200th.

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