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SPD locates missing baby in lower Queen Anne

Update on missing baby:

Seattle police have located 10-month-old Charlette in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. The baby went missing from downtown Seattle early Friday morning.

Original story:

Seattle police are searching for a man and woman who may have taken a 10-month-old missing baby who was last seen with her mother in downtown Seattle.

Police have released surveillance video of a man dressed in black, and a woman dressed in pink around 2:45 a.m. They appear to be walking away with a stroller that the missing baby was in. SPD notes that they are not currently criminally investigating the couple.

Charlette Childress-Imburgia was last seen early Friday near Third or Fifth avenues and Pine Street, where she was with her mother. The baby was reported wearing a blue shirt with a rainbow, and she was in a bumble bee stroller.

Family tells KIRO 7 News the infant’s nickname is Lettie.

See photos of the baby here.

KIRO 7 reporter Graham Johnson showed a picture of the missing baby to many people in the area. Some said they recognized the child as someone who has been downtown with her mother, sleeping on the streets, near an area, called “The Blade.” The area is notorious for open-air drug dealing.

“Looks like the baby I saw last night, just like it,” said Jenna Quinn, who said she had been in front of Nordstrom in the Westlake area. “(The mother) passed out right beside me.  I covered her up. I don’t think she was that high. I think she was tired.”

Quinn said she believes the baby is in the care of the mother’s friends.

Police said they have received differing accounts from witnesses. Officers report they’ve been in contact with the mother and family members.

Officers, detectives and the SPD Real Time Crime Center are working to gather information and locate the child as quickly as possible.

Anyone who sees her is asked to call 911.

MyNorthwest’s Dyer Oxley contributed to this story.

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