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Semi strikes bridge, causing Sound Transit Sounder delays

This semi truck was too tall for an overpass in Tukwila. (Contributed)

Sound Transit tweeted at 7:07 a.m. Monday that Sounder South riders should expect at least 40-minute delays while crews investigate bridge struck by semi north of the Tukwila Station. As of 7:40 a.m., crews had reportedly inspected the bridge and the trains are once again moving at reduced speeds.

The semi was too tall for the underpass, nearly sheering off the top of the truck. Crews used that time to inspect the bridge, says KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan.

“All the Sounder trains going between Seattle and Tacoma or vice versa are delayed by at least 40 minutes right now,” Sullivan said. “There are some people who are on the trains that are just stuck there.”

The driver told KIRO 7 that he thought he could make it under the bridge, but the truck hit the bridge and the driver tried to back up.

β€œIt shook me up a little bit and I got a little nervous,” he said. “Most of the damage happened when I backed up.”

Sullivan said Monday’s overall traffic congestion was “a lot heavier” than usual, with issues on I-5 from Federal Way to Seattle and commutes from Renton to Bellevue.

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