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Jesus Christ was not a health care lobbyist

A protest sign at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in 2011. (David Shankbone, Flickr)

Full disclosure, I’m a Christian. And I’m getting really sick of hearing people say that Jesus Christ was a lobbyist. And it’s funny to hear this from the left who is always screaming about cultural appropriation.

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The left is insinuating that you are not a follower of Christ if you don’t support Obamacare.

Christ said give what you have to the poor and follow me; you individually. Don’t have government force people to do it.

If you want to serve the poor, get the government out of health care entirely.

Tied to this — is there a reason technology has gotten so much cheaper while education and health care have gotten so much more expensive? You can buy huge TV’s that used to cost $2,000 for $350 bucks now.

Costs get accelerated because of government. And Medicare refuses more care by a factor of two than private insurance.

Government makes things more complicated, more expensive and less useful.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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