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Tom Shillue


I’m not giving up the fight against Sound Transit

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I’m not giving up the fight against Sound Transit. In my judgment they are thieves. They are stealing land and they lie to people.

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They lie when they say that they are on budget. They have a 20 percent contingency budget built into their system that they have already spent.

They’ve shut down popular bus routes for their trains, inconveniencing many people. They’ve gerrymandered the districts as well, allowing Seattle to control everything.

And now they are going to steal I-90 from us. They are going to use part of it for their light rail.

They continue to lie about being on time and on schedule. They didn’t promise to build anything with their $54 billion dollars. They are the worst gravy train in municipal history.

And they don’t care about you.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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