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Medved: Comey memo could lead to Trump impeachment

President Donald Trump watches Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan departs following Erdogan's visit to the White House in Washington, Tuesday, May 16, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
LISTEN: Michael Medved says Trump may have made impeachable offense

If President Donald Trump asked the FBI director to drop an investigation into General Michael Flynn, it would be a move so damaging that it could lead to a Trump impeachment, according to Conservative Radio Host Michael Medved.

“This is vastly more serious by an order of magnitude than the charges yesterday about President Trump blurting out secrets to the Russians,” Medved told KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don. “This is much more serious, because this could very conceivably lead to impeachment.”

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The New York Times reports that James Comey wrote a memo detailing a February meeting between himself and Trump. During that meeting, Trump reportedly asked Comey to “drop” inquiries into Russian connections with Michael Flynn who, at the time, was recently fired as Trump’s national security advisor. The news could lay the foundation for a Trump impeachment, according to Medved, and places Comey in a very influential position.

“What this does is, suddenly, it makes James Comey, the former FBI director, the second most powerful man in America,” Medved said. “If he confirms the details of this story, that President Trump asked him to end an ongoing investigation into one of President Trump’s key aids, Michael Flynn, it almost certainly is an obstruction of justice, which is the same basis that Bill Clinton was impeached and in which the House of Representatives was about to impeach President Nixon when he resigned.”

“We know that General Flynn had accepted money from Russia which he never reported,” Medved said. “We know that General Flynn had accepted a great deal of money from Turkey … and we know that General Flynn, according to most legal experts, is potentially facing prison time. He is in a world of hurt. If President Trump, while Flynn was still in office during his brief weeks as national security advisor, actually asked the FBI director to drop his investigation, it is such a monumental violation of every standard of legality and decency.”

If a Trump impeachment is possible, Medved notes, it will need the support of the president’s own Republican party. That will only be possible if Republicans start losing elections, in which case, Trump’s loss of right-wing support will be “lemming like,” Medved said.

On the other hand, if the New York Times story turns out not to be accurate, and if Comey doesn’t verify it, then the newspaper could be facing consequences of its own.

Listen to Medved’s full conversation with Ron and Don below.

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