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John Batchelor


White House leaks make for a horrible work environment

I can tell you something that is going on in the White House now that I’ve had to personally deal with as well.

When I worked for the RNC we had to find a leaker. Someone within the committee had taken it upon themselves to destroy the leader, Michael Steele. They were going out and leaking bad news about Steele and the committee to the news media.

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And it looked like there was more than one leak. This began to create the worst possible working environment that you can ever imagine. It became an awful place to go to work.

The RNC began to take measures like having dual meetings to try and uncover the leaker. They would have the same meeting twice, literally.

Reince Priebus was there as well. And now he’s dealing with the exact same thing in the Trump White House.

With the RNC, we invented something so juicy that a leaker would have to want to leak it. Steele sent out a memo that appeared to be going out to everyone, but that email had multiple copies and the suspect got a unique copy. The minute the email was forwarded, we knew who the email was leaked to and who leaked it. We tracked him and found out who the leaker was.

Can you imagine what the work environment is like at the White House right now? It is so hard to get your job done in that kind of atmosphere.

These leaks destabilize the office and keep it from accomplishing anything.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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