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Ross: Trump has successfully bumped government off the teleprompter

I think the real news in that James Comey memo isn’t that President Trump asked the FBI director to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn. Flynn was already fired anyway.

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It’s the part where Trump and Comey are alone in the Oval Office – they had just received a briefing on terrorist threats – and Trump, according to The New York Times, says “that Mr.Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information …”

That tells me that when he corralled reporters at his rallies and called them disgusting – even when he did it with a smile – that was real. And as president, he really thinks reporters are a threat to national security.

It’s further confirmation that he told everybody exactly who he was – a self-sacrificing guided missile aimed directly at the status quo.

Yet we hear reports that the West Wing staff is in chaos, and at a loss for words.

But that’s the whole reason 45.9 percent of the voters chose Trump. To inject a little chaos. To take the United States government completely off the teleprompter! Of course you’re gonna be at a loss for words.

Seems to me instead of fighting, the staff ought to be celebrating.

In fact, I believe somewhere in the basement of the executive mansion there’s a banner that says “Mission Accomplished” that they could dust off.

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