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Pepper-sprayed teen claims she miscarried

An Occupy Seattle demonstrator says a pregnant woman who was hit with police pepper spray last week has had a miscarriage.

KINGTVOne of the Occupy Seattle activists makes this claim on a blog called OneAngryQueer. I’m working to verify the report that 19-year-old Jennifer Fox, who said she was three months pregnant, had a miscarriage on November 20, a few days after the clash with police on November 15.

The demonstrator, who calls himself Ian Awesome, says Fox told him, “It hurts. It’s upsetting. I was ready to have a kid, because my family was going to support me in taking care of the child. Her name was going to be Miracle.”

He writes: “Fox is receiving consultation with the Occupy Seattle legal team presently and will be deciding whether or not to seek legal action against the Seattle Police Department for the loss of her child.”

Fox has since repeated her claim to The Stranger . She says she will provide medical records from Harborview to support her claim. Fox hasn’t responded to my requests for an interview.

97.3 KIRO FM’s Brandi Kruse has been tracking this story all day.

UPDATE Nov. 21: Inconsistencies found in protestor miscarriage.

UPDATE Nov. 23: ‘Pregnant’ Occupy protestor tried to lure children.

UPDATE Nov. 23: Dori Monson talked with Fox’s foster parents who say she consistently lied to them. They doubt any of the 19-year-old’s allegations. Fox maintains she has medical records that support her claim, but she has yet to provide them to anyone.

Seattle police have no comment, other than what’s contained in a police report from September. They’ve launched an internal investigation.

KING 5 photo from Occupy Seattle clash with police November 15, 2011

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