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‘Deadliest Catch’ captain Sig Hansen tweets apology after arrest

UPDATE: “Deadliest Catch” Captain Sig Hansen tweeted out an apology for his behavior that led to his arrest.

Original story

“Deadliest Catch” Captain Sig Hansen was arrested and booked into the King County Jail early Thursday on suspicion of assault and property destruction.

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According to the Seattle Police Department, an Uber driver picked Hansen and two other passengers up in Ballard after 2 a.m.

The group asked to pay cash. When the driver told them they couldn’t because that’s not how the app works, Hansen allegedly got out of the car and kicked the rear of the vehicle.

He also allegedly spat on the Uber driver.

The driver told officers Hansen and the other passengers appeared “intoxicated.”

Hansen is in the midst of a separate allegation from his estranged daughter that he sexually abused her when she was a toddler. That case is headed to the Appeals Court.

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