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Perfect for our weather – an umbrella coat

Rainy, windy days challenge even the most tolerant Northwest natives. Too windy for an umbrella, yet hoods on jackets are never quite right. A designer might have the solution with his Umbrella Coat.

Yep, it’s an umbrella and raincoat in one.


It’s made of a lovely waterproof synthetic leather. It provides head-to-toe coverage and leaves your hands free to fumble for your keys or carry a purse or briefcase. In a heavy downpour, this amazing garment can even be converted into an adjustable jumpsuit.

Is this for real? The inventor tells ABC News it is.

“Rainy days put a strain on my movements. I had to hold the umbrella and do other things at the same time,” says Athanasia Leivaditou “Instead of getting frustrated with the physical constraints that my body imposed in such situations, I thought that I should come up with a solution. When I came back to Greece a couple of years later, the idea of inventing a useful tool against rain came back to mind.”

I’m not convinced the Umbrella Coat is anything more than a concept with a prototype, but if an actual coat like this were to show at REI or Nordstrom (unlikely) would you wear one?

More breezy, rainy weather is expected in the Puget Sound area Wednesday.

Photo courtesy StudioNL

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