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There are witches out there that deserve to be hunted

The president’s response to the special counsel investigating his campaign was to call it a “witch hunt.”

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“Well, I respect the move but the entire thing has been a witch hunt,” he said.

But is that a bad thing?

By that I mean is it a bad thing even for him? There are some impartial sources saying that, ultimately, this investigation is not even focused on the president. It’s focused on those who tried to influence him, and who may have been prompted to do it by Russian agents.

Here’s what former FBI investigator David Gomez told me:

“I think the biggest danger that the American people have to realize is that foreign intelligent services do want to penetrate the highest levels of the government.”

It’s not like they would pick up the phone and whisper in the president’s ear, they would try to make it seem like genuine advice from one of his aides, right?

“Exactly,” Gomez responded. “Particularly a president who relies on aides so much in his decision-making process.”

Don’t we do the same thing to them?

“In some ways, we do that. We try to penetrate hostile foreign intelligent services like the Russians, which is why we know it happens to us, and the FBI’s job is to prevent that from happening.”

There are claims that this Russia investigation is another example of how the so-called “Deep State” – the shadow government that really runs the country – punishes anyone who shakes up the system.

But Russia has a “Deep State” too, and the FBI’s job is to keep it the heck away from the White House.

So when the president says, “The entire thing has been a witch hunt,” I would just point out that there are some witches out there that deserve to be hunted.

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