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Earthquakes near Bremerton continue, but you likely can’t feel them

Earthquakes continue to be recorded in the Bremerton area. (MyNorthwest/Google)

Earthquakes continue to be recorded near Bremerton, but there aren’t many people who are reporting that they feel them.

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The last noteworthy quake was recorded Thursday morning. Six people reported to the USGS that they felt it, including one person in Carnation and another in Anacortes — the other four were more local.

Seismologist Bill Steele told the Kitsap Sun that “hundreds” of quakes have been recorded since the beginning of the month. However, most go unnoticed. That’s because of how deep the quakes are.

Most of the quakes are about 15 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. Many are also fairly weak, registering in below magnitude 2.

The earthquake swarm caught the attention of Puget Sound area residents after several were felt by people around the region, and not just necessarily those who live nearby. Seismologists have said that a swarm like this can slightly increase the chances of a larger event, but not by much.

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