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Kshama Sawant’s support of Kaepernick could be detrimental to Seattle’s traffic

The Seattle Seahawks are apparently interested in former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Signing Kaepernick is a move that Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s fully supports.

Imagine Kaepernick was signed by the team and benched. What would happen?

Would Sawant and her supporters understand the reason Kaepernick is benched has to do with his performance on the field and leave it at that, or would they turn it into a social cause and start another protest?

Support for Kaepernick grew after he chose not to stand during the national anthem in 2016. Athletes — and not just those from the NFL — joined Kaepernick in protest of police brutality and to support suppressed people in the U.S. He received support from some fans, while others criticized the decision and called it disrespectful.

Kaepernick is currently a free agent looking for a team. The Seahawks have said they are considering signing the quarterback. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said he would be a good fit.

Sawant recently wrote a letter to the Seahawks in support of bringing Kaepernick to the team.

“I am writing to convey that Colin Kaepernick would be welcome in Seattle, and to encourage you to take the opportunity to sign him as the Seahawks’ backup quarterback,” Sawant writes.

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“I am not a football expert,” she continues. “But everything I have read strongly suggests that the only reason a player with Kaepernick’s skills is still a free agent is because of the backlash against his courageous leadership last year against racism, brutality, and discrimination. If that makes other teams wary of signing him, shame on them. In Seattle, we know our communities will only benefit from his activism as well as his talents on the field.”

It’s unlikely Sawant’s remarks mean anything to Carroll and the Seahawks. However, if they do sign Kaepernick, the Seahawks need to be aware that the former 49ers QB is being backed up by a political leader who has also called for protesters to shut down roadways and disrupt airports.

If the Seahawks don’t hire Kaepernick, maybe he will have a shot at Seattle politics.

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