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Photos: World's angriest cat lives in Seattle

A cat that was found abandoned along the side of a road in Seattle has thousands of fans despite his angry appearance.

People around the world must think Seattle has a thing for cats. First Seattle humor website creator Ben Huh comes up with Lol cats, the cute cats with funny captions. Now there's Colonel Meow, "the world's angriest cat" who has almost 40,000 fans.

Photos uploaded to the Facebook page by his owner Anne Marie Avey include captions a world leader might say to his "minions" as Colonel Meow refers to them.

Soon I will be big enough to carry MASTER around. That is when I will make my move for world domination...and be able to get my own treaties out of the cupboard.


Good morning, Minions. The first one to get me scotch and treaties will not be destroyed...GO!


My master is so happy that I have so many friends...what she calls "friends" I call "minions". Stupid humans.

Like many dictators, Colonel Meow had a troubled upbringing " the profile discloses that he was found by the roadside after being abandoned in Seattle.

But his softer side is also revealed in a brief biography where he admits that he has a fear of birds which might hamper his ambitions to conquer the world.

Avey, who adopted Colonel Meow from an animal shelter, hopes to take him to Los Angeles and make him a star.

Photos via Facebook

By LINDA THOMAS, yes I realize this is a fluffy story. Very fluffy.

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