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Linda Thomas

Why McKenna did Gangnam-style dance

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Imagine the discussion in Rob McKenna's household at the end of the day as he looks to his wife Marilyn and says, "Honey, I know I have to get ready for the gubernatorial debate tomorrow night, but let's practice our "Gangnam" style dance."

A video posted online shows McKenna passionately dancing at a Korean Day event in Seattle a couple of days ago.

McKenna dances in the "Gangnam" style made popular in a video by South Korean singer PSY , stomping his feet and swinging his hips.

McKenna's wife, Marilyn, tweeted that the couple's 12-year-old son offered her $10 to never perform like that again. She was also on stage dancing.

The McKenna's oldest daughter says the now-viral video takes parental embarrassment to a whole new level. To which Marilyn says, "Victory is mine!"

Here's what he was trying to do. The original Gangnam style dance has more than 420 million views on YouTube:

By LINDA THOMAS, I like that he tried.

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