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Dennis Glasgow and his daughter Zoe have followed the Seahawks closely all season. The little girl expressed her frustration and sadness after Sunday's losing game with a "I hate football," melt down. (Photo courtesy Dennis Glasgow)

A little girl's meltdown after watching the Seahawks lose

Zoe loves the Seahawks.

The Portland-area girl watches the games and cheers for Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson.

She has Seahawk's gear in her room and clothing from her favorite team.

The 10-year-old girl also had a meltdown when her team lost to the Atlanta Falcons.

She watched the game Sunday with her dad Dennis Glasgow. He tried to calm her when it became apparent the game was over and we lost.

"Let's hug it out," he says.

"No, I want to be left alone," Zoe says as she storms off. "I hate football."

We know how you feel Zoe.

The Portland-area girl plays basketball, volleyball, soccer and throws a football around with her dad. She's also been to enough football games at Century Link to call herself a 12th man fan.

"She really started to get the game of football and understand the rules -formations and plays - when she started playing Madden 13 last year with me - and understood how football works and all its nuances," says Dennis.

After Dennis's wife stopped recording they listened to their daughter "wail for a few minutes."

"I went into her room to calm her down," Dennis says. "She was in a ball at the bottom of her bed and still sobbing over the loss."

Later in the day, Zoe saw her YouTube video online with about 3,000 views and she started to laugh it off.

What about you? How are you dealing with the Seahawks loss in this blue Monday, which isn't nearly as fun as blue Friday was.

There's always next year. Thanks for a great Seahawks season. I'm already thinking Seahawks in the Super Bowl, 2014!


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