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The City of Seattle is considering an ordinance that requires all vending machines operated on city property to stock "Healthier" and "Healthiest" food and beverage selections. (AP File photo)

Seattle will stop feeding city workers' chocolate addictions

No more Cheez-Its, Reese's or Snickers. The Seattle City Council is considering legislation to increase the amount of healthy options in vending machines operated on city property.

The majority of the machines only serve city employees.

"We are committed to providing healthier choices for our employees," Mayor Mike McGinn says in a statement about the city's healthy workplace initiative.

The city thinks it can have healthier and more productive employees if they provide better snack options.

Council Bill 117710 requires all vending machines operated on city property to stock "Healthier" and "Healthiest" food and beverage selections. Those standards are based on calories, fat, sugar and sodium content.

Obesity and poor nutrition are problems everywhere, and it's estimated approximately half the adult population in Seattle is overweight or obese.

Fewer than one-third of adults and youth report eating the recommended five fruits and vegetables per day, and one-third of youth report consuming one or more sodas on the previous day, according to a King County health report.

Overweight adults are at greater risk a whole lot of health problems, and for a city that means an increase in health insurance payouts and a bigger burden on the health care system.


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