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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, State Senator Ed Murray and other officials took part in raising the marriage equality flag atop the Space Needle. (Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn photo)

Seattle Space Needle flies a flag for marriage equality

Seattle's iconic Space Needle and the Seahawks show support for the LGBT community.

Early Sunday morning, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, State Senator Ed Murray and other officials took part in raising the flag atop the Space Needle.

The Needle is now flying a flag that is the symbol of marriage equality.

This comes after the historic ruling last week by the U.S. Supreme Court which restored same sex marriages to California and granting gay couples the federal benefits of marriage they were previously denied.

City Hall and the Mariners are flying the rainbow flag for the first time on the same day as Seattle's Pride Parade.

Century Link, where the Sounders FC and Seahawks play, have the arches lit in rainbow colors at night through the weekend.

The Seahawks have also changed all of their social media icons to a rainbow flag with the Seahawks logo and the word Pride.

While the Hawks are getting a lot of "likes" on their Facebook page, there are also comments along the lines of "enough already."

"Change your profile pick. Be a sports team and stay out of politics," writes Richard Breedlove.

Jeff Walters comments, "Drop the agenda. Stay with football."

"Be a sports team and leave gay pride out of it, come on "#Pride" what the hell?" writes Joel Andrew Mentzos.

Watching the flag raising from Kerry Park this morning, an older resident who brought her family to see the city view from Queen Anne said it's "too much in your face all the time."

"Heterosexuality is in your face all the time too from commercials and TV shows to movies," her niece Amanda Costner says. "Why is this so different?"


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