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Linda Thomas
Who's ready for Super Bowl 2014? Seahawks fans are. The regular season is sold out as tickets for the training camp, which opens Thursday. (Photo courtesy Seahawks Facebook page)

Seahawks season ticket holders have highest renewal rate

The 12th man and several thousand of his and her buddies are excited about the upcoming Seattle Seahawks season.

It's sold out.

Within minutes of the single-game regular season tickets going on sale, they were gone.

The Seahawks also announced the regular season is sold out, though a limited number of tickets remain for preseason games.

It had a 98 percent renewal rate from season ticket holders. That's the highest in franchise history. No surprise, they've put up with many lean years to get to where the team has been in the past year.

The team capped season tickets at 62,000. But how many of those tickets are going to resellers, aka scalpers?

Ticket Exchange - run by Ticketmaster - is the only authorized ticket resale site associated with the Seahawks. They sell tickets season holders don't intend to use, but they're pricey.

Tickets for the home opener at CenturyLink Field against the San Francisco 49ers range from $277 in the 300 level, to almost $10,000 per seat in section 131.

The Seahawks open Bing Training Camp this Thursday. Sorry, all 14 practices open to the public are also sold out.

Go Hawks!


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