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On her blog Jana Lutteropp wrote about her experiences working in the Seattle area. She died after being attacked by a shark a week ago off Maui. (Photo via JanaAmerica blog)

Woman killed by a shark in Hawaii was an Issaquah nanny

The former Issaquah nanny who was on life support after losing her arm in a shark attack while snorkeling off Maui has died.

On her blog, 20-year-old Jana Lutteropp wrote about her experiences working in the Seattle area.

Lutteropp died at Maui Memorial Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Carol Clark said.

"Jana fought hard to stay alive," said a statement from her mother and sister. "However, we are sad to say that she lost her fight today."

Clark said the family was requesting privacy.

Lutteropp was planning a three-week vacation in Hawaii before returning to her home in Germany in September. That's when the local family's kids are back in school.

She was snorkeling 50 to 100 yards off Palauea Beach in Makena last Wednesday when the shark bit off her right arm.

A California high school teacher swam out to bring her to shore after he and other bystanders heard her scream. Her arm wasn't recovered.

"All she had hanging out on her right arm was a bone and she was in and out of saying these words 'I'm dying, I'm going to die' and I kept saying to her, no you're not. We're going to get her to shore. We're going to save you," one of her rescuers said.

Rick Moore, a high school teacher and pastor from Orange County, California, also told CBS radio after Lutteropp was brought on shore, she lost consciousness.

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources closed ocean waters along the Pohoiki coastline after the attack. They don't know what kind of shark attacked the young woman.

There have been seven shark attacks in Maui alone this year.


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