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The full cost of cycle tracks will be $4 to $5 million per mile, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation. A budget committee has recommended spending $1 million to speed up the design and construction process. (Photo courtesy the Seattle Department of Transportation)

Seattle to spend $1 million more on bike-lane design

Seattle's goal is to put all residents within a quarter mile of a bike lane.

Toward that end, the council's Budget Committee has recommended adding $1 million to the Seattle Department of Transportation's 2014 budget.

Some of those lanes are "cycle tracks." Have you seen these in your neighborhood?

A cycle track is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalk.

"The Downtown Cycle Track Network" will replace painted north-south bike lanes on Second and Fourth Avenue.

The total design cost for the cycle track is $1.8 million. Keyword there is "design." The construction costs are on top of that.

The full cost of cycle tracks will be $4 to $5 million per mile, according to the SDOT website.


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