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Inside billionaire Paul Allen's house

It's a place that's never photographed for the public to see - inside Paul Allen's home. CBS's Lesley Stahl was there as part of the first in-depth interview in over a decade.

Allen talks about his new book "Idea Man," his relationship with Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates, and his many interests including jamming with his own band and owning a submarine and Russian fighter jet.

One of the more personal questions involved whether Allen wants to get married.

"I'm still optimistic. I still believe I'm going to meet somebody and that's going to happen," he says. "I want to have a family."

The CBS 60 Minutes interview gives us a glimpse inside Allen's house. Here are some screen grabs.


Allen shows reporter Lesley Stahl his original Shakespeare


A little walk on the way to Allen's game room.


That's a heck of a game room.


Water slide into the pool. Nice.

I am supposed to have an interview with Allen coming up on Friday. Fingers crossed; I hope that happens. If it does, what would you like me to ask Paul Allen?

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