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Linda Thomas

Seattle's superheroes charge into the riots

Seattle's self-proclaimed superheroes Phoenix Jones and friends say they held off a group of people who were trying to damage the federal building downtown.

Jones says he got hit with pepper spray, but fought on and was able to turn a video his crew was filming over to police so they could identify the rioters who vandalized the courthouse.

Protesters dressed in black used sticks and bats to smash store and car windows during May Day demonstrations that turned violent in Seattle around midday yesterday. Police say they recovered homemade incendiary devices made from toilet paper rolls and fruit juice boxes.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn issued an emergency order, allowing police to confiscate items that could be used as weapons. By last night, police had seized about 70 such items, including one with at least a dozen cigarette lighters taped together.


Captain America, shield in hand, ready to do...something. Photo by Ava Van/Twitter


Superhero Phoenix Jones fuels up with super friends at Starbucks before the riots. Photo by Jim Seida/msnbc.com


A real crime fighter, Seattle Police Captain Joe Kessler displays some of the items confiscated from demonstrators. Photo courtesy SPD

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