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Video: Seattle to Maine in five minutes

It took seven days for a Seattle man to travel from here to Maine. It takes less than five minutes for us to go along on the journey through the joy of time-lapse video.

Jeremy is a computer programmer. His wife got a new job in Maine, so he followed her across the country. He wrote a program in python to make his Droid X take a picture every 90 seconds. I’m not enough of a geek to know what that means, but the result is cool.

Some of his observations:

This was almost entirely on I-90, with a few brief excursions.

My dog and I drove alone for most of the trip. Driving alone with a dog can be frustrating (finding hotels, not being able to leave the car for more than a few seconds at rest areas, etc.), but it’s nice to have something to pet on those long boring sections of road and she is a pretty great passenger.

There were no tolls for the first 2000 miles.

I don’t think I saw a single police car in Montana (~550 miles).

I think I saw a police car every 10 miles in Ohio.

The most interesting pieces of road make for the worst time-lapse photography, due to all the curves.

The scariest bit of road was right near Butte, MT. It’s a steep downhill section, filled with blind curves, where the truck speed limit is 25 and the car speed limit is 75.

I saw the Google maps car twice, an X-factor truck, and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus.

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