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New Britain Rock Cats fake a marriage proposal to increase their ticket sales

The Double-A New Britain Rock Cats minor league baseball team admits they staged a marriage proposal as part of a publicity stunt.

It all started when two employees pretended to be a couple taking part in a between-innings trivia contest. The guy then proposed to his so-called girlfriend in front of the Rock Cats dugout on the field.

The girl responded to him by saying, “David, I’m sorry. I can’t, I’m sorry,” and ran off. Her “boyfriend” also ran, but in the opposite direction.

The announcer immediately started to laugh while he was on-air, making the situation seem less legitimate. The baseball club later confirmed the proposal was fake in a news release.

The goal of this staged proposal was to make it go viral on YouTube. This would hopefully remind fans that you never know what you’re going to see at a Rock Cats game, causing an increase in ticket sales.

“It’s bad community theater acting. She was horrible, I didn’t believe her for a minute.” says KIRO Radio host John Curley.

The video of the fake proposal did in fact go viral, but the fans realized not too soon after that it was all a hoax.

KIRO Radio host Tom Tangney thinks it’s a waste of time. “It’s not real baseball and it’s not real marriages proposals.”

The Rock Cats need to find a better strategy for more fans.

Report by intern Hannah Kadletz

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