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Tom’s take: Ryan’s humor stands out

Republican vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan addresses the Republican National Convention. (AP)

Paul Ryan’s speech at the GOP convention marked his official coming out for the country. And KIRO’s Tom Tangney says what stood out most is his sense of humor.

Listen to Tangney’s take: Paul Ryan’s good humored convention speech

Ryan played the expected part of dutiful attack dog for Mitt Romney, blasting President Obama and Democrats on taxes, health care and the economy. But it was leavened by a healthy dose of good humor.

“Sometimes it was easy humor, just good natured ribbing of Mitt Romney, for instance,” says Tangney.

“There are the songs in his iPod which I’ve heard on the campaign bus, and I’ve heard on many hotel elevators,” Ryan laughed. The Wisconsin Congressman joked his playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Led Zeppelin, a sharp contrast with Romnney’s staid image.

Tangney also praises Ryan’s use of humor against Obama in his speech.

“With all their attack ads the President is just throwing away money. And he’s pretty good at that,” Ryan joked.

“The Democrats want to portray Paul Ryan as “scary” and outside the mainstream but last night, he came across as practically the boy next door,” says Tangney.

But was it enough to move some undecided voters into the Republican camp? Tangney says despite the stellar performance he’s not convinced.

“I don’t know what this 10 percent of the electorate that needs to get moved is going to be responding for,” Tangney says.

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