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cold civil war
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Michael Medved


States’ rights can cool our cold civil war

Inside politicians lurk human beings with souls. They work in a system, though, that is completely corrupted. But how can we advance in our country when our politicians only play act for us? It’s like we are in a cold civil war.

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Is our system of governance being driven as intended? I say, no, obviously not. But could states’ rights solve some of these problems; because our system was not designed for a constant tug of war?

One party believes in government control over everything and one party believes in strip downed, streamlined government. One party thinks there are a perfectible number of magic laws, the other side says we can never legislate perfection, freedom is the premium.

I say we will never be perfect, so let’s be free.

If we want to cool the cold civil war, invigorate the 10th Amendment.

States should create their own flavors of freedom, so that we all have a choice. And it’s a pressure valve that we can release. We split the country up — not with a civil war but with freedom.

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