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Expect ‘a lot of activity’ surrounding Boeing’s MAX planes this week

The Paris Air Show is on and Boeing has a new plane.

We keep hearing about a worldwide slowdown in demand for passenger jets, and we all want to know is how Boeing is going to respond.

Boeing’s Vice President of Marketing Randy Tinseth says that response is in the form of a larger 737 MAX.

“We launched the new airplane today. It’s an airplane that is a littler larger than the other airplanes in our MAX family,” he said. “We think this is a great opportunity to grow our orders, to grow our backlog. We think this is good for Renton, we think this is good news for all our employees.”

According to CNN, Boeing’s board of directors gave the go-ahead to develop the new “super-stretched version” of the MAX. The new plane, according to CNN, will seat up to 230 passengers.

The announcement comes as the competition between Boeing and France-based Airbus continues to heat up. During the first day of the air show, Airbus unveiled a new version of the world’s largest passenger jet — the A380plus.

Tinseth recognizes the competition, and says the public will see “a lot of activity around the MAX family over the next few days.” He says to expect orders and commitments for more than 200 airplanes during the air show.

Listen to the entire interview with Tinset here.

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