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Ferry riders at Fauntleroy terminal have new ticket system

Washington state ferry. (Ben Tesch, Flickr)

Seattle ferry riders who use the Fauntleroy/Southworth “Triangle” line have a new ticketing system.

“The afternoon commute is our busiest time,” said Brian Mannion from the Washington State Department of Transportation. “Demand typically ranges from about 800 to more than 1,000 vehicles, higher during especially busy times, such as when there is an incident that closes lanes on 1-5 and people try to reroute through the Fauntleroy/Southworth ferry.”

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All drivers on the busy route will now stop at the toll booth one time, no matter what ticket they have — pre-paid or buying at the booth.

“We are reducing the total number of stops drivers must make compared the old system,” Mannion said. “Under the old system, customers who needed to buy a ticket had to stop at the tollbooth to buy the ticket and then at a scanner 10 feet past the tollbooth to redeem the ticket. Pre-purchased ticket holders stopped at the scanner.”

One thing to keep in mind, all ferry traffic generally increases into the summer, peaking in July.

This is not the first time the ticketing system has been tweaked at the Fauntleroy terminal in Seattle. WSDOT previously tried a new system that only lasted three weeks.

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